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I am currently a PhD candidate at Queen's University. My work is interdisciplinary but I wrote my comprehensive exams in postcolonial literature. Here you can read more about my research, see conference papers I have presented, and access my online CV.
More than a buzz word (hopefully). Read some of my thoughts on DH and see some of the way that the possibilities and opportunities provided by technology have influenced and been integrated into my work.
I also do freelance web and graphic design. My favourite areas to work in include logo design, WordPress customization and implementation, social media integration and personalization, and poster design.
Feel free to check out my blog. I even occasionally post to it. It's mostly about music and very occasionally current events.


I am currently a PhD candidate in the Department of English Language and Literature at Queen’s University. After completing my B.A. and B.Ed. at Queen’s, I spent several years teaching in Tanzania, China, and Honduras. Teaching remains one of my great passions. My doctoral research mainly concerns the fiction written by survivors of Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake in 2010.

Specifically, my research focuses on intersections between the attainment of place, race, class, and identity after natural disaster by placing these concerns within broader spirals of history and geographic exploitation. My other research interests include contemporary Caribbean literature, Black American literature, postcolonial literature, as well as memory studies, identity, ecocriticism, and music. As of September 2018, my research is supported by a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship.

You can read more about my research, or take a look at my online CV.

Digital Humanities

As a former high-school teacher, I have seen first-hand the way that technology has revolutionized and continues to revolutionize modern teaching practices. I have carried over an investment in looking for new methods for approaching and interacting with texts and literary works (many of which are digital) from these experiences and have worked to harness technological methods to increase student engagement and interaction in my tutorials and university teaching career.

Beyond informing my pedagogical approach, I am deeply invested in exploring the possibilities that technology provides for approaching my academic work. Broadly speaking, my academic engagement with DH can be broken down into two categories of possibility: visualization/presentation and data analysis.

You can read more about my engagement with DH and see some examples of work I have done.

Web & Graphic Design


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Mitchell Crouse

Mitchell Crouse

PhD Candidate
English Language and Literature
Queen’s University
Kingston ON

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